Friday, May 6, 2011

A great morning in the desert

I had a hankering to get out in the desert this morning and see what was up and moving.  One of my favorite things to do is get up early on a spring morning and go for a walk as the day begins to warm and the reptiles begin to wake up.  this morning I spent a little time on the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve in Southern Utah.  I was richly rewarded by finding a desert tortoise feeding on the fresh fillery (storks bill) that grows here in the spring.  They love it and it is very valuable for them as they build food supplies to get them through the heat of the summer.  They only come out for a few short weeks in the spring to feed and mate and then again when it cools in the fall for more feeding.  This is the best time to see one if you never have.

Desert tortoise-1.JPG

Desert tortoise-3.JPG

I also found the Quail out and feeding.  This Gamble Quail took off on the run when I stopped to take his picture so I whipped out my trusty ipod, went to my Audubon bird app, hit the Gamble quail call and he popped up on the top of this bush to check me out.

Gamble Quail-1.JPG

Lastly, I ended up at a place that I frequented 44 years ago.

Me and Bill-1.JPG

Fools names and Fools faces.


  1. Wow. I had no idea that your history was literally etched in the surroundings here. Love the tortoise photo with the green film stuck to his mouth. Adds a lot of interest for me. Great job.

  2. Loved the Pictures. The coloring of the Quail is beautiful. Great way to start a day.