Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby bear and momma bear

I had a great time photographing the animals from Triple D Game Farms last week. 

Baby black bear-1.jpg

This baby Black bear was exceptionally cute. 

Baby black bear-3.jpg

This is the only way you would ever want to photograph a bear cub. If you were to see one in the wild, you should move away very carefully. 

Baby black bear-4.jpg

Don't turn and run just back away as quietly as you can.

Baby black bear-2.jpg

The most dangerous thing about finding a baby bear is that mom will always be close by. 


If she sees you she will be very upset. You can try telling her that it was an accident but she won't believe you. You can try telling her that her cub is the cutest one on the mountain but that won't make any difference either. 


Mother bears have no sense of humor so don't try joking with her. Basically, if she sees you, your toast.  

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  1. Hehehe. And that goes for some human momma bears, too.