Tuesday, February 1, 2011

North American eagles are fascinating birds and make spectacular photographic subjects.

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With the keenest eyesight of all creations and the strength to fly to altitudes of nearly 30,000 feet, Golden and Bald Eagles are among the most effective and successful of all predatory animals.

Golden Eagle-4.jpg

Their vision is considered to be comparable to six power binoculars and they also have the ability to see greater detail than most other animals.  It is generally understood that they can see minute movement, such as a scurrying mouse, at distances of a mile or more.

Bald eagle-1.jpg

Combine this with their ability to fly swiftly and silently, and the strength in their talons, and few prey species will escape detection and capture.

Golden Eagle-8.jpg

A Bald Eagle sets it's wings to soar and search for prey, on Kolob Mountain, Utah.  Eagles have a wing span of up to seven feet and are probably the strongest fliers of all birds.

Bald eagle-2.jpg

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