Monday, February 21, 2011

A little snow can change everything

I had the chance to spend some time at Bryce National Park this past weekend.  Friday was beautiful but there was only a little snow with lots of mud on the trails.  I took some photos and was happy with what I got but there was nothing really out of the ordinary.

Bryce National Park in the snow-19.jpg

Bryce National Park in the snow-18.jpg

Bryce National Park in the snow-14.jpg
(This is why we photographers marry such beautiful women.  They make great models.)

Saturday morning we awoke to a foot of fresh snow in the parking lot at Ruby's Inn.  It was still coming down and we ended up with over 18 inches before the day ended.  I was excited to get out and photograph a different look in the park.

Bryce National Park in the snow-24.jpg

Bryce National Park in the snow-22.jpg

The snow really tends to give a pastel look to the colors in Bryce.  It is a great contrast to what you normally see.

Bryce National Park in the snow-21.jpg

I wish I could have spent another day out there but other duties called.  One tip when photographing in bright snow.  Your camera's meter will try to turn the snow gray so you have to over expose by at least one stop and even more if the majority of the scene is white.  All of these snow photos were exposed at 1 2/3 stops over.  If you don't do that you end up with muddy gray snow.

Bryce National Park in the snow-15.jpg

Bryce National Park in the snow-20.jpg

I hope you enjoy these photos.  Please let me know what you think.


  1. You do have a lovely wife, inside and out.

    Love these pictures, they are gorgeous!

  2. Man, what a difference the piles of snow makes. I love the images that are mostly white with a bit of the red rocks coming through. I'd imagine it was pretty fantastic in person.

  3. Bryce is one of those places that I love to see in a fresh perspective. The viewpoints are so commonly recycled that a different color or weather palette is very refreshing! Well done!