Monday, January 3, 2011

Bighorn sheep

There is a resident herd of Desert Bighorn Sheep in Zion National Park.
[7D] 2010-09-11 08.22.02(0001).jpg
They were put there in the late 1960's and were thought to be lost until recently.
[7D] 2010-09-11 08.38.02.jpg
Now they are considered one of the largest sheep herds in Utah.
[7D] 2010-10-07 09.16.18(0002).jpg
They fooled everyone and managed to thrive. "Life finds a way"


  1. These are looking gorgeous in my google reader! I'm glad we figured that problem out. Way to post more than once in a quarter this year!

  2. Are these all the same species? Why do some of them have curly antlers and others on have straight ones? Age?

  3. The culy horns belong to the males. They are all desert bighorn sheep. They have horns. Antlers fall off every year and are regrown. Horns are permanent.